Drive Safer!

Auto Xtras sells and installs a variety of vehicle safety equipment to make you and your familys driving time a safer experience. We stock a large selection of safety items such as backup cameras, backup sensors, daytime running lights, bluetooth handsfree cellphone systems, GPS tracking systems, cruise controls, navigation systems, and much more! Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

Backup Camera Systems

Make it safer when you backup your vehicle with a backup camera system from Auto Xtras. When you shift your vehicle into reverse the moniter automatically comes on and lets you view the area behind your vehicle. Moniters available that are built into replacement rear view mirrors or that mount on the dash. And color cameras that mount on almost any vehicle and give a clear view even at night.

Backup Sensor Systems

Backup sensor systems also make backing your vehicle safer by warning you of objects behind the vehicle as you backup. Small sensors mounted in the rear bumper dectect objects and the system audibly alerts you by beeping and beep faster as you get closer to the object. Some systems also have a display to visually alert you and let you know which side of the vehicle the object is on. And Auto Xtras also sells front parking sensors to aid you in parking your vehicle.

Bluetooth Handsfree Phone Kits

Keep your hands on the wheel while you use your phone in the car. Auto Xtras stocks a large variety of bluetooth handsfree kits to integrate with almost any vehicle and phone combination. And Auto Xtras stocks replacement car stereos with bluetooth phone systems built right in.

On Board Digital Witness!

This new driving vehicle recorder gives any vehicle a digital witness to events on the roads they travel. This compact unit (about the size of a pill bottle) automatically records the view out the front windshield of the vehicle when the ignition is on with its built in color camera and SD card slot. Date and time are shown on the video. And this unit has a built in crash sensor and internal battery so it continues to record in the moments after a crash is detected. Now you have a witness in the event of an accident or other disputed circumstance. At under $200 it is great for fleet vehicles or teen drivers.

And Much More!

OnStar mirrors systems, navigation systems, cruise controls, GPS tracking systems, and more to make your driving safer for your and your family.

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