Spray in or Drop in Bedliners

Auto Xtras has been selling bedliners for over 25 years. We offer both spray in bedliner and plastic drop in bedliners, and since we sell both we can discuss what is best for your use, as each type has advantages and disadvantage vs the other.

As the South Texas Duraliner distributor, we normally have over 400 drop in bedliners on hand to fit most any truck.

Ultimate Liner Spray In Bedliners

Auto Xtras installs the Ultimate Liner Spray in bedliner brand which offer the best in protection and appearance. This hardworking, long lasting bedliner coating will protect your trucks bed for years to come and has a lifetime warranty. And with UV protectant built right in, this bedliner stays good looking and will not fade in the South Texas sun like other brands. And they come with a great looking, fine textured finish to help reduce cargo from sliding in the truck bed. Ultimate Liner can be installed in most trucks in just a few hours and is ready to use when you pick it up. Call for an appointment today!

Duraliner Drop in Bedliners

Duraliner has been the top name in bedliners since 1979. And Auto Xtras is your authorized Duraliner distributor. Each Duraliner model is molded specifically for each truck model.

Features impact resistance, ribbed design for water drainage, skid resistant coating, and mode from durable UV protected material. Both underrail and overrail models available for most trucks.

If the dealers trust us with their vehicles, you can trust us!

  • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • Locally Owned Family Business
  • Dealers Choice for Vehicle Accessories
  • Friendly, Knowledgeable Sales People
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Installation
  • Fully Trained Technicians